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Call for contributors


Call for contributors
This site aims to engage with those interested in history, both in the general public and in the academic community. Therefore, we invite prospective posts that are of interest to our broad range of readers. Such posts can range from reviews of books, events, exhibitions, T.V. and radio shows; to posts about historical societies, outings, websites and resources; to articles of historical interest. We encourage original work but there is no need to include citation, as the articles should be aimed at the general public. Please attempt to keep any contributions concise (see below for word count etc.), include a short bio and if possible a short list (2-4) of further readings (both physical and online). As editors we reserve the right to reduce the size of contributions (these will be discussed with the author). Authors should note that there is no remuneration for articles published on this website.

Rules for contributors
1) All contributions must be between 250 and 1000 words (small notices of upcoming events, calls for papers etc. should be emailed to the editors for distribution via social media).

2) Articles will only be accepted in English or Irish (if in Irish please provide an English translation).

3) All articles should be accompanied with at least one image.

4) No citations are to be included, but a short bio of the author and, if possible, a short list of further readings.

5) If necessary, it is the responsibility of the author to get copyright permission.

6) All copyright to contributions remains with the author.

7) Publishers with books for review should contact the editors.

All contributions to holinshedrevisited@gmail.com


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